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Guarantee, Return Policy:

SAS Audio Labs offers a 30 day money back guarantee on preamplifiers and amplifiers. Warranty on B10A, 10A preamplifiers: 5 years labor and parts and 1 year on tubes, from date of purchase. 11A preamplifiers: 7 years labor and parts and 1 year on tubes, from date of purchase. Amplifiers 7 year labor and parts, 1 year on tubes warranty. International purchases, purchaser pays shipping both ways during warranty, SAS Audio Labs pays for parts and labor. Speakers, 1.5 has 3 year warranty on labor and drivers (excluding abuse, which includes over power, driver and cabinet damage of any type, modifications of any type etc).

SAS Audio Labs offers a 14 day money back guarantee on ICs. There is no guarantee on wire or special order items. Unfortunately, because of some few who attempt to defraud, mislead, change the agreement, shipping charges and/or a 15% restocking fee may be charged, solely at our discretion. On large orders of ICs, 2 pair will initially be sent for evaluation. If accepted in writing, the rest will be sent. A 180 day Warranty will cover any defects in workmanship, determined solely at our discretion.

Manufacturers warranty does not cover damage to other equipment for any reason, nor do we warranty fitness for any particular purpose, specification, or sample. SAS Audio Labs does not authorize any person to assume other liability on our behalf. If the component is found to be defective during the warranty period specified, SAS Audio Labs will replace the defective part at no charge. If you ship the component, you must assume the risk of damage or loss in transit. Shipping insurance is required. You must use two new boxes and packing material and pay the shipping charges. I recommend a professional packer. Please return via postal mail or FedEx. Shipping charges are not reimbursed during warranty or the guarantee period.

By purchasing this product, you agree not to copy or allow another to copy, or reverse design the component. The 30 day money back guarantee and warranty is void if such occurs. The 30 day money back guarantee and warranty will also be void if the seals are damaged, seals removed, tampering with parts, replacement of parts, or if the component and/or parts are damaged by abuse, accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, repair, disaster, improper installation, or improper testing. You agree, by purchasing this product, that SAS Audio Labs is the one and sole judge. Prices and Specifications subject to change without notice. This warranty and/or guarantee supercedes any other claims printed or presented by SAS Audio Labs. All designs and schematics are copyrighted by Steven A. Sammet, Owner and President of SAS Audio Labs. Thanks for selecting SAS Audio Labs as your source for audio components.

Special order items, tubes, speaker wires, interconnect cables, 18/22 guage wire, and those not listed on our website, are not returnable for refund.

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SAS Audio wishes to thank Svetlana and New Sensor (Sovtek) for allowing us to use their vacuum tube graphics on our site.
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