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11A tube preamplifiersReference: 11A Tube Preamplifier Black Chassis10A tube preamplifierBlack Chassis 10A Tube Preamplifier

25 Watt Triode Monoblock Amplifier25 Watt Triode Monoblock Amplifier

Rich Weiner, Bound for Sound: "The SAS 10A is the most musically truthful preamp I'm aware of, and I will expand that statement by listing some of the line stages I've had in my otherwise very stable system: Herron VTSP-1, VAC CPA III, VAC Standard LE, Audio Research 3A, ARC 8, ARC 10, Mark Levinson ML-1, Levinson ML-7, Levinson ML-10A, Original Aronov PS-100 and Musical Concepts modification, Nagra PL-P, Beveridge RM-1, Rappaport, Placette Passive - there are more, but you get the point. Until I got the 10A, I struggled to make the other components live up to their potential." (Rich now owns the 11A Line Preamplifier. March, 2006)

Charles Phd, does musical reviews for PBS, Florida.:"I just saw this post and you know I have to chime in here. After three years of preamp auditions I just pulled the trigger on the SAS 11A preamp. It was an unknown product to me but Marty Dewulf over at BFS (and who knows whats going on there these days, by that I mean it seems that Marty has slipped into retirement - forgive me Marty if I am wrong) Anyway he always said wonderful things about the preamp! So having no mind of my own I bought the preamp from Steve at SAS audio. The reason I bought the preamp is that I did not want to do the crazy audiophile thing of always upgrading. Buying the SAS preamp was the best thing I could have done. It's wonderful! Clear, fast musical and very truthful to the source. And more importantly it works well with both tube and solid state amps (i.e. pass 30.5 & Audio-space 300b mono-blocks). Hey call Steve and ask him to make you one of his preamps.

Hey good listening


PS I have no connection to Steve at SAS audio"

Bernie: "I have also tested the 11A in terms of comparing the sound from my excellent cd source directly to amps versus inserting the 11A pre between. I could detect no difference whatsoever.... So, my two cents: the SAS preamps are stellar with my 11A I hear no compression or any other alteration of the originating signal."

Graham: "I took the B11a into a shop in Auckland. I know the owner fairly well, and we agree that Shindo make some wonderful pieces of kit. (I wasn't looking for a change!) Almost immediately we started listening, he said "That's really fast!" We also agreed that the B11a was much clearer, making the Shindo Aurieges sound slow, muddy, and coloured."

Terence: "I have been using the 11A since I received it but I didn't want to be premature in my assassment, although my initial assessments were favourable. Now, I must say that the 11A is certainly the best preamp I have ever owned, and the best I have ever heard-ss or tube. Thank you for a wonderful product, Steve."

Bob: "Hey guys. . .if anyone's interested, I'm selling my Tram 2 preamp since my SAS B11A is so awesome...." (Tram 2 uses 45, 2A3s)

Ray: "your prees are somewhat legendary in their reviews."

Welcome to SAS Audio Labs. Since Jan 1, 1997, SAS Audio Labs has catered to those who wish the finest musical reproduction in the world. Each customer is unique, important and receives special individual attention. Steve Sammet's, owner and chief engineer, designs are for those who have decided to stop the merry go round of new models and "upgrades". Besides his electronics degree, Steve also has decades of research in analog audio design and has been a consultant to college professors and engineering students.

So how is SAS Audio Labs actually different from the rest? By choosing the best design and implimentation, natural/accurate parts, reliability, and reasonable price for us normal folks.

  1. On the surface some designs and implimentations look good, or address one area of concern, but in greater depth, have hidden problems in other areas. For instance did you know there are many forms of distortion besides harmonic and intermodulation distortions?

  2. Besides specifications, SAS Audio Labs uses proprietary listening tests, that took years to develop and takes considerable time to impliment. It took three and one half years of listening testing to arrive at the 11A, a perfect preamplifier.

  3. Reliability is paramount. Only one 10A since inception (January 1997), and one 11A, (2006) has needed repair, tube socket solder connection and noisy Mills resistor respectively. Tube life up to 28,000 hours. The additional expense of repair, the possibility of down stream components being damaged is something no one should have to deal with.

  4. In order to obtain a perfect, natural "sound" from a component, all the parts need to be listening tested. To paraphrase what Nelson Pass has stated, once a signal is distorted, it is impossible to bring the distorted music back to pristine condition. For instance, how does one bring back the natural sound that is lost? You cannot. It has to be done right the first time.

  5. A totally separate power supply, including power transformer, for each stage of each component eliminates problems that common power supplies are known for, known for over 60 years.

  6. We use reasonably priced chassis and non essentials to keep prices low, so more of us normal folks have the opportunity to listen to superior music reproduction.

Checkout each product page and see for yourself. When one builds a superior, properly designed component that eliminates redundant, sonic robbing stages, and virtually no warranty repairs which adds cost (one 10A, one 11A), the price can be exceptional, which helps us normal folks. Steve also sells direct thereby saving the customer many thousands of dollars.

If a company or organization continually offers new models, what does that say about their designing capabilities?

In conclusion, check out my preamplifiers, amplifiers, and new to the lineup, 1.5 speaker page for more information.


I provide a 30 day money back guarantee on preamplifiers, 14 days on ICs. The Reference 11A tube preamplifier has a 7 year warranty. 1 year warranty on tubes. (Guarantee/Warranty, Return Policy).


I would love to have you stop by and audition my components/system. Simply call or send an email with the date and time. Please allow a day before auditioning. (Directions)


Each page is designed to help educate the consumer when purchasing gear. From time to time, other articles and products will be added; so stay in touch.
I would like to especially thank God for inspiring the designs and parts used.
The articles covering theory require thanks to Walter G. Jung for discussions and his articles entitled "Picking Capacitors". Without these articles and discussions, these pages would be of lesser quality.
Thanks to Svetlana and JJ for allowing us to use their vacuum tube graphics on our site.

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