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10A triode preamp

Bound for Sound, Issue #163 SAS Audio 10A Triode Preamp is one of only 3 listed in "Exceptional Merit" catagory. "I expecially feel that way about the SAS 10A, a tube unit of moderate expense that simply stomps a mud hole in just about every active unit made - regardless of price."

Rich Weiner: "The SAS 10A is the most musically truthful preamp I'm aware of, and I will expand that statement by listing some of the line stages I've had in my otherwise very stable system: Herron VTSP-1, VAC CPA III, VAC Standard LE, Audio Research 3A, ARC 8, ARC 10, Mark Levinson ML-1, Levinson ML-7, Levinson ML-10A, Original Aronov PS-100 and Musical Concepts modification, Nagra PL-P, Beveridge RM-1, Rappaport, Placette Passive - there are more, but you get the point. Until I got the 10A, I struggled to make the other components live up to their potential." The 10A has been Rich's reference preamp for over 4 years. However, Richard now owns the 11A preamplifier as his reference preamplifier.

Eric: "The 10A excels at tranparency. Not in the sense of being overly analytical, but in the sense that you hear the music as if it was live."

Bob: "I liked this preamp…a lot! When I first turned it on, it seemed a bit dark and lacking in air, but in the next 30 minutes, the change that took place was amazing. If there was one word I would use to describe my experience with the 10a it would be evocative…or compelling. But wait, that’s two words isn’t it?"

Earlmarc: "I wouldn't overlook the SAS Audio Labs 10A preamplifier. Bound for Sound magazine did a review comparison of both the Ultra Verve (DeHavilland) and SAS 10A and Martin Dewulf preferred the 10A over the Ultraverve..."

10A Triode Stereo Preamplifier Features, Specs, Shopping Cart Below:

Welcome to SAS Audio Labs. The 10A is known for pure, emotional, unadulterated, life like music. This is one serious preamplifier that has a magic midrange.

SAS Audio offers two models, the "Basic" 10A and "Standard" preamplifier versions. Both are identical except the "Basic" has 3 inputs while the "Standard" has 5 inputs. Swapping out tubes requires simply removing the cover. One or more the inputs can be setup for lower gain and a home theatre bypass can be added upon request. As seen in the reviews, this is one serious preamplifier. Be sure to check out our specials (see link at top of page). Talk about reliability; only one 10A has needed repair since the 10As debute in January 1997, gold plating loosened from one filament tube pin.

10A Stereo Preamplifiers Features:

10A Guarantee and Warranty

We believe in backing our 10A tube preamplifier with a 30 day money back guarantee. Warranty, 5 years labor and parts, 1 year on tubes, from the date of purchase. (Guarantee/Warranty/Return Instructions)

10A Stereo Preamplifier Specifications:

Frequency Response:                                           10 - 25 khz (+0, less than -.1db, 100pf, 100k load), Above 100khz minimum -1db (vol control mid resistance)
Gain:                                                                     21db gain, approx.
Maximum Output Voltage:                                    9 vrms
Total Harmonic Distortion at 2 vrms:                     0.015% or less. (typically 76 db down, No global feedback)
Signal Polarity:                                                     Inverts
Input Impedance:                                                 25k ohms
Min. Amplifier Input Impedance:                          20k
Volume Controls:                                                  2
Tape Loops:                                                          1 (for dubbing etc.), None for B10A, Optional
Line Inputs:                                                           5 (3 for basic B10A)
Preamp.Outputs:                                                   2
Tube Regulation:                                                  Yes
Tubes:                                                                   E88CC
Line Cord Length:                                                 6 feet standard
Power Consumption:                                            27 watts
Power Requirements:                                           120 Volts AC, 50/60hz.

Dimensions:                                                          17 3/4" wide
                                                                             19" black rack front
                                                                               4" high
                                                                             10 1/2" deep
Actual Weight:                                                      14 lbs.
Shipping Weight:                                                  (Charged 30lb rate because of dimensions)

Factory Direct Price Basic 10A:                                                    $1595.00

Factory Direct Price Standard 10A:                                              $1795.00

* Each tube should have low noise and balanced sections.

Excludes Shipping and Handling costs in the continental USA. Please email address and I will figure shipping costs.

To Audition or Purchase the 10A Stereo Preamplifiers

Payment can be made from a Paypal account, credit card through Paypal (do Not need a paypal account: use for email address), or Postal Money Order for fastest clearance. Please allow time for Cashiers Check, Money Order (US dollars), or Personal Check to clear. Make checks payable to SAS Audio Labs. Normal shipping is FedEx ground unless specified differently. For second day or overnight shipping, please contact me. Guarantee/Warranty

B10A Linestage Stereo Preamplifier, $1640.00, ($45.00 Paypal fee included, non-refundable):

Standard 10A Stereo Preamplifier, $1795.00 ($50.00 Paypal fee included, non-refundable):

Design and parts subject to change without notice.

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