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Graham: "I took the B11a into a shop in Auckland. I know the owner fairly well, and we agree that Shindo make some wonderful pieces of kit. (I wasn't looking for a change!) Almost immediately we started listening, he said "That's really fast!" We also agreed that the B11a was much clearer, making the Shindo Aurieges sound slow, muddy, and coloured."

Terence: "I have been using the 11A since I received it but I didn't want to be premature in my assassment, although my initial assessments were favourable. Now, I must say that the 11A is certainly the best preamp I have ever owned, and the best I have ever heard-ss or tube. Thank you for a wonderful product, Steve."

Charles Phd, does musical reviews for PBS, Florida: "I just saw this post and you know I have to chime in here. After three years of preamp auditions I just pulled the trigger on the SAS 11A preamp. It was an unknown product to me but Marty Dewulf over at BFS (and who knows whats going on there these days, by that I mean it seems that Marty has slipped into retirement - forgive me Marty if I am wrong) Anyway he always said wonderful things about the preamp! So having no mind of my own I bought the preamp from Steve at SAS audio. The reason I bought the preamp is that I did not want to do the crazy audiophile thing of always upgrading. Buying the SAS preamp was the best thing I could have done. It's wonderful! Clear, fast musical and very truthful to the source. And more importantly it works well with both tube and solid state amps (i.e. Pass 30.5 & Audio-space 300b mono-blocks).

Hey good listening


PS I have no connection to Steve at SAS audio"

Bernie: "I have also tested the 11A in terms of comparing the sound from my excellent cd source directly to amps versus inserting the 11A pre between. I could detect no difference whatsoever.... So, my two cents: the SAS preamps are stellar with my 11A I hear no compression or any other alteration of the originating signal."

George: "Steve,, this pre is "top shelf",, I currently have it thru odyssey mono se's to a pair of Carver Amazings,,, it's gonna be difficult for me to box it up and ship it on to Weez,,, organic, man,, organic,,, as soon as I receive the address, I'll ship it on,, I've got it "dialed in",,, it's so good,,it's scary---thanks for the opportunity to let me/us audition such a fine piece of gear---- george (George tested the 11A on tour.)

Charlie: "Steve,The overwhelming Majority of comments regarding the 11A during the tour have been very favorable. Everyone at Woodsyi's with the exception of Doug S who seemed to have prior issues with you because of you refusing to offer the 10A with a remote volume thought that the 11A was by far the best sounding pre of the bunch. DaveG sat there with Scotty and myself and fully agreed that the 11A was clearly the superior preamplifier out of the group."

Rich: "I've been listening to a lot of preamps this week and even with the problems, it is evident to me that the 11A is in a different league. I'm glad I heard it first, because it set a high mark for the others to follow. Manley Shrimp sounds like sandpaper and Van Alstine is like cheap hifi, with hyped treble and bass and weird honky mids. I guess that's what you can expect for 1500 bucks. Makes 10b look very tempting."
Thanks Steve.

Jack: "My 10A is going to the grave with me, it's my favorite piece of audio gear. The 11A is better but they rarely come up for sale." (Jack auditioned the 11A at his venue.)

Bob: "Hey guys. . .if anyone's interested, I'm selling my Tram 2 preamp since my SAS B11A is so awesome...." (Tram 2 uses 45, 2A3s)

Ray: "your prees are somewhat legendary in their reviews."

Rich Weiner, Bound for Sound: "The SAS 10A is the most musically truthful preamp I'm aware of, and I will expand that statement by listing some of the line stages I've had in my otherwise very stable system: Herron VTSP-1, VAC CPA III, VAC Standard LE, Audio Research 3A, ARC 8, ARC 10, Mark Levinson ML-1, Levinson ML-7, Levinson ML-10A, Original Aronov PS-100 and Musical Concepts modification, Nagra PL-P, Beveridge RM-1, Rappaport, Placette Passive - there are more, but you get the point. Until I got the 10A, I struggled to make the other components live up to their potential." (Rich now owns the 11A Line Preamplifier as his reference. March, 2006)

11A Tube Preamplifier Features:

As you can see, the 11A Line Preamplifier is in a league of its own. Simply put, the 11A is the gold standard, the most natural, most accurate preamplifier on the planet, regardless of cost. The 11A Line Preamplifier is the foundation on which to build, or to upgrade other portions of one's system because.....

  • Once the music is degraded, from any electronic part or component, it cannot be brought back to perfect pristine condition.
  • Synergy is variable, not a fixed "entity". Ever add a component that improves the sound? You just altered the synergy, for the better.

The 11A tube preamplifier features include:

  1. For sonic consistency, critical parts are carefully matched to within 0,5% via Tektronix industrial quality measuring equipment.

  2. Tube life up to 28,000 hours.

  3. The tubes used are superior with super low harmonic distortion, some 1/9th (-18db less) that of any 6SN7GT variety/equivalent, or other tube types. What little distortion present is almost entirely 2nd harmonic due to circuit design (yes the harmonics can be altered by circuit design). (The new Telefunken 6DJ8s may also be used for the lowest noise possible, but will cost more.)

  4. A massive 5 stage, properly designed DC filtered power supply; so the power conditioner is essentially built in.

  5. One can set the gain for either 20db or lower gain (8db). (Not by global negative feedback.)

  6. Different amplifiers have different input impedances (Z). As a result of this change, the bass response changes. To compensate for this variable conditon, the 11A Line Preamplifier is the only preamplifier on the planet that offers a variable control that will compensate for this bass variation.

  7. No solid state regulation or other solid state part in the direct signal path.

  8. Tube dampers, and chassis resonance control incorporated.

  9. The mute circuit nearly instantly activates to prevent thumps when power is removed from the 11A. With power applied, the mute circuit delays, for approximately 45 seconds, to prevent thumps through the amplifier. (Still is good practice with one's audio system to power ON the preamplifier first and power OFF the preamplifier last.).

  10. The output impedance of the 11A with typical 100pf interconnect cable capacitance is a superb -1.0db at 400khz.

The 11A comes in two configurations, with options.

  1. The basic "B11A" comes with three inputs and two outputs.
  2. The standard 11A configuration has 5 inputs and 2 outputs.
  3. Optional HT bypass and/or Monitor are extra.

(I am retired, taking care of Mom etc. However, I would be please to have visitors come to audition the preamplifier. This page also allows one to see the exceptional quality if a used 11A tube preamplifer becomes available, which is very rare.)

Take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee (7 year warranty). You have nothing to lose and everything go gain.

11A Tube Preamplifier Specifications:

Frequency Response:			  0,6hz - 110khz minimum -1db (100pf, 100k load, vol control mid resistance, about 2 o'clock pm position.) 			                                     
Gain:                         		  8db or 20db (Two terminals per channel, unsolder and re-solder to change gain)  
Total Harmonic Distortion at 2 vrms:      0.015% or less (18db less than with any 6SN7 or variant) 
Channel Separation at 10khz:              90db typical 
Signal Polarity:			  Inverts
Input Impedance:			  25k ohms (50k optional)
Output Impedance:	                  Approximately 1.9K (1900) ohms
Min. Amplifier Input Impedance:		  20k ohms
Volume Controls:                          2 
Tape Loops, HT bypass:                    Optional
Line Inputs:                              3 Basic Version (5 Standard version) 
Preamp. Outputs:                          2 

Line Cord Length:			  6 feet standard 
Power Consumption:                        28 watts
Power Requirements:                       117/234 Volts AC, 50/60hz (120 volts, 0,25 amp slo-blo) 
Dimensions:                               19" front
                                          4" high (with stock feet)
                                          14 1/4" deep (counting knobs and jacks)
Actual Weight:                            17 lbs. 
Shipping included within the Continental USA. Outside USA, check with me on shipping charges.

To Audition or Purchase the 11A Tube Preamplifiers

30 day money back guarantee. Payment can be made from a Paypal account, a credit card through Paypal (use for email address ), a Postal Money Order (US dollars), payable to SAS Audio Labs. Normal and very highly recommended shipping is via FedEx unless specified differently. Please allow for ample time for Money Orders to clear. For second day or overnight shipping, please contact me. Guarantee/Warranty

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