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11A triode preamps

Graham: "I took the B11a into a shop in Auckland. I know the owner fairly well, and we agree that Shindo make some wonderful pieces of kit. (I wasn't looking for a change!) Almost immediately we started listening, he said "That's really fast!" We also agreed that the B11a was much clearer, making the Shindo Aurieges sound slow, muddy, and coloured."

Terence: "I have been using the 11A since I received it but I didn't want to be premature in my assassment, although my initial assessments were favourable. Now, I must say that the 11A is certainly the best preamp I have ever owned, and the best I have ever heard-ss or tube. Thank you for a wonderful product, Steve."

Bob: "Hey guys. . .if anyone's interested, I'm selling my Tram 2 preamp since my SAS B11A is so awesome...." (Tram 2 uses 45, 2A3s)

Bernie: "I have also tested the 11A in terms of comparing the sound from my excellent cd source directly to amps versus inserting the 11A pre between. I could detect no difference whatsoever.... So, my two cents: the SAS preamps are stellar with my 11A I hear no compression or any other alteration of the originating signal."

Ray: "your prees are somewhat legendary in their reviews."

11A Triode Preamp Features, Specificatons etc:

Welcome to SAS Audio Labs. SAS Audio Labs is a small speciality manufacturer who caters to those whose discriminating tastes wish the most transparent, dynamic, most natural musical reproduction in the world.

The 11A is entirely accurate to the input musical information, and adds neither a "sterile", "harsh", "thin" quality, nor syrupy, bloated sound quality. The 11A is the true reference standard on which to build, or to upgrade other portions of one's system. It is important to remember two things.

  1. Once the musical information is degraded, from any electronic part or component, it cannot be brought back to perfect pristine condition.

  2. Synergy is variable, not fixed. Different components will match more or less effectively and have different synergy. If average components are used, each average component degrades the musical information more than if excellent components were used. Thus the synergy produced from the average components will be less than the synergy produced if excellent components are used. (See point one again.)

With a 5 stage, properly designed power supply, the 11A eliminates RF and EMI problems without the hassle of power conditioners or batteries, with their charging cycles, changing internal resistance with discharge, and battery degradation. Check out the 11A power supply noise, or lack there of, at the first stage of filtering. Scope is set to 5 millivolts (5 thousands of one volt/div).

Power supply noise

Notice the line is straight across, thus virtually no RFI or EMI is present. And my shop is near manufacturing, and 5 miles from a high powered, 2.2 megawatt, TV station and antenna. By the fifth filter stage it is obvious we are talking no RFI or EMI being present.

For sonic consistency, critical parts are within 0,5% tolerance.

No solid state regulation or solid state CCS etc.

Tube dampers, and chassis resonance control incorporated. Internal damping eliminates the need for special feet.

The output impedance of the 11A with 100pf load is a superb -1.0db at 400khz, nearly half a half a million cycles per second. (The main frequency response loss of any preamplifier is at the volume control/tube input capacitance.)

Tube life up to 28,000 hours.

The 11A comes in two configurations, with options.

  1. The basic 11A comes with three inputs and two outputs.
  2. The standard 11A with 5 inputs and 2 outputs.
  3. Optional HT bypass or Monitor sections are possible.

With either 11A, one can adjust the gain for either high gain (20db) or low gain (8db). (Not by global negative feedback.)
It is highly recommended that the "V" IC be used between the 11A and amplifier to assure musical accuracy and naturalness. (1 meter "V" is $140.00.)

Take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee (7 year warranty). You have nothing to lose and everything go gain. (Check out our Specials page for once in a while deals.)

Please feel free to contact Steve at with any questions. comments, or for an audition.

11A Specifications:

Frequency Response:			  0,6hz - 110khz minimum  -1db (100pf, 100k load, vol control mid resistance) 			                                     
Gain:                         		  8db or 20db  
Total Harmonic Distortion at 2 vrms:      0.015% (18db less than with 6SN7GT/A/B) 
Channel Separation at 10khz:              90db typical  
Signal Polarity:			  Inverts
Input Impedance:			  25k ohms (50k optional)
Output Impedance:	                  1.9K ohms
Min. Amplifier Input Impedance:		  15k ohms
Volume Controls:                           2 
Tape Loops, HT bypass:                     Optional
Line Inputs:                               3 Basic Version (5 Standard version) 
Preamp. Outputs:                           2 
Tube Regulation:		           Yes

Line Cord Length:			   6 feet standard cryod Jenalabs "Basic" 
Power Consumption:                        28 watts
Power Requirements:                      120 Volts AC, 50/60hz 
Dimensions:                               19" front
                                           4" high (with stock feet)
                                          14 1/4" deep (counting knobs and jacks)
Actual Weight:                            17 lbs. 

Factory Direct Price B11A:		 $2949.00  

Factory Direct Price Standard 11A:       $3149.00 

Factory Direct Price 1 meter "V" IC:	  $140.00 

Shipping included within the Continental USA. Outside USA, check with me on shipping charges.

To Audition or Purchase the 11A Triode Preamps

30 day money back guarantee. Payment can be made from a Paypal account, a credit card through Paypal (do Not need a paypal account, use for email address ), a Postal Money Order (US dollars), payable to SAS Audio Labs. Normal shipping is FedEx unless specified differently. For second day or overnight shipping, please contact me. Guarantee/Warranty

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