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11a triode preamps

Customer Reviews: 11A Tube Preamplifier:


"I have also tested the 11A in terms of comparing the sound from my excellent cd source directly to amps versus inserting the 11A pre between. I could detect no difference whatsoever. The 10A now resides in another family member’s system so I did not try the test on it. However, I have another high end pre here which I did try the same test with and could tell that it compressed things a bit. So, my two cents: the SAS preamps are stellar – with my 11A I hear no compression or any other alteration of the originating signal."



"Hey guys. . .if anyone's interested, I'm selling my Tram 2 preamp since my SAS B11A is so awesome...."
(Tram 3 uses 45, 2A3s)



"Hey Steve,
Hooked up the 11A. WOW! Smoked the Herron VTSP-1A! Definitely nicer. Can't wait until it's fully burned in....

I am very happy!!!!!!!!




"your prees are somewhat legendary in there reviews."



"I have been using the 11A since I received it but I didn't want to be premature in my assassment, although my initial assessments were favourable. Now, I must say that the 11A is certainly the best preamp I have ever owned, and the best I have ever heard-ss or tube. Thank you for a wonderful product, Steve.

Cheers, Terence."



"The best preamp I have heard has been the SAS 11A "



"Steve,, this pre is "top shelf",,I currently have it thru odyssey mono se's to a pair of Carver Amazings,,,it's gonna be difficult for me to box it up and ship it on to Weez,,,organic,man,, organic,,,as soon as I receive the address,I'll ship it on,,I've got it "dialed in",,,it's so good,,it's scary---thanks for the opportunity to let me/us audition such a fine piece of gear----george"


Marcus review on Audio Circle


A group auditon took place including the 11A, Wayne's BBBB, Modwright 9.0 SWLP:
("It's a full monty SWLP 9.0 SE with tube rectified PS, Black Gates on PS, Silver Bybees on the output and proprietary teflon coupling cap upgrade. I use the Black Sand Ref silver mk 5 on the PS.")

Scott H:

"As was pointed out, I did find the SAS to be the most accurate, and hence most desirable preamp sonically. I think it conveyed the music as close to the real thing as any preamp I have ever listened to."



"I thought that every preamp that we listened to at the BBQ sounded very good but the SAS 11A sounded the Most lifelike to my ear's.thanks....WCW III"



"Hey guys,

I am the 1st one to get the 11A. I just received new power triodes for the VK 60 and the Amp now displays even more punch than when I first recieved it with several year old power tubes. I used Audio Art Silver over copper IC3's between my HRAM modded stage 3+ Jolida jd100A and the SAS 11A and Steves" V" IC's made with Vampire connectors and Cryoed Jena labs wire between the 11A and the BAT VK 60 tube amplifier. I used my Scanspeak driver equipped Odyssey Lorelei's for the transducers in this review. I used a Jena Labs power cord that Steve Sammet had sent along for the tour on the 11A and a Signal Cable magic power cord on the VK 60 and a Signal Magic power digital reference power cord on the modded JD 100A and a pair of Audio Art silver over copper SC5 speaker cables between the VK 60 and the Lorelei's.

I am a big fan of neutral preamplifiers and I already own a recently upgraded SAS 10A so I am familiar with the the SAS house sound. The 11A is as close to a straight wire with Gain as any preamp that I have ever listened to. It was dead quiet in my two channel tube rig and seemed to be very transparent and true to the source. In my rig it played extremely clean but never sounded etched or clinical. It seemed to draw me further into the music and made for some very lively listening.

Good recordings sound phenomenal thru the 11A. With bad recordings, well they were not sugar coated by the 11A and sounded bad as they should with an uncolored preamp. Larry Carltons Saphire Blue CD was a truely remarkable sounding recording thru the 11A and if anyone on the tour has it by all means check it out!

I don't use flowery terms to explain how gear sounds but I know what I like when I hear it. The 10A is a Great preamplifier but the 11A is even more refined and lets you hear the pure unadulterated music in all of it's Glory.... WCW III."

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