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Tubes, Amplifier, Preamplifier, Misc. Specials:

From time to time, SAS Audio Labs has components and parts for sale at special prices. Check all the way down the page. These are usually demos. and/or blemished components or just a sale and have the same warranty, guarantee that brand new units have. The "quantity" for each category represents the number of units for sale at special pricing.

Vacuum Tubes

Used Tubes, as is. Tubes check new, excellent low noise. From Tektronix 535A scopes. Shoot me an email.


Amperex Bugleboy tubes

Amperex PQs

RCA relabeled Siemens 6DJ8/ECC88 tube, Western Germany

Telefunken ECC88/6DJ8 tube,W Germany


Telefunken 12au7a


Jan Sylvania 12at7a

GE 6080


Russian 6H23N-EB

Sylvania gold brand GB6080

Tung Sol 45 tube

I also have a huge box of assorted tubes

Used Tubes NOS tubes, 47, 1892 bulbs, paper capacitors.

Payment via Paypal using sasaudio at United States Postal money orders also excepted, but allow a couple of days for acceptance.


Amplifiers, Preamplifiers

Pick up only. Payment is cash or Paypal. Use sasaudio at


More Amplifiers, Preamplifiers

audio 50 watt monoblocks


Ultimate Reference 11A Line Preamplifier..........Quantity 0:

audio preamplifiers

The 11A has been nominated as the first perfect line preamplifier on the planet. It does not alter the input signal in anyway. There is not harsh, nor syrupy, nor other alteration. Just the ultimate in transparency and accuracy of the original signal.

When purchasing, use Paypal and email address:


10A Line Preamplifier..........Quantity 0:

audio preamplifiers

Mr. Richard Weiner, 2005: "The SAS 10A is the most musically truthful preamp I'm aware of, and I will expand that statement by listing some of the line stages I've had in my otherwise very stable system: Herron VTSP-1, VAC CPA III, VAC Standard LE, Audio Research 3A, ARC 8, ARC 10, Mark Levinson ML-1, Levinson ML-7, Levinson ML-10A, Original Aronov PS-100 and Musical Concepts modification, Nagra PL-P, Beveridge RM-1, Rappaport, Placette Passive - there are more, but you get the point. Until I got the 10A, I struggled to make the other components live up to their potential. (2006)" Mr. Weiner now owns the 11A Reference Line Preamplifier as his reference.

SAS Audio Labs is pleased to announce that the 10A is among only 3 mentioned in the "Components of Exceptional Merit" category (2005). Martin DeWulf, Bound for Sound.

Price includes free packaging and shipping within the continental USA. A tracking number will be provided when product is shipped. Simply contact me at the address below.



30 day money back guarantee (14 days for ICs). See Guarantee: for futher details.

Normal shipping is DHL or Postal unless you prefer different. Please allow extra funds for your preferred shipping.

Danger! Vacuum tubes get very hot during operation and thus precautions should be taken so that children do not come in contact with the amplifier.

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