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pic of circuit

Solution To Hardwiring and PC Board Design Problems:

First, one needs to address this new concept by mating the circuit and physical lay out into one grand design. Both are very important and functionality is a prime concern. Elevating and the proper placement of parts above the chassis solves the capacitance problem to ground and part to part. Then eliminate wires and solder connections by "lead to lead connecting". By this, one obtains several advantages. Of course, computerized layout programs just won't do.

  1. First, this shortens the signal path VS "hardwiring", "point to point" wiring etc.

  2. Second, this maximizes the high frequency response by minimizing capacitance to ground. This also helps in true inner detail.

  3. Minimizes the problem of adjacent channel interference, or crosstalk.

  4. All of which improves sonic integrity, and consistency from component to component.

We hope this paper has helped you understand the theory and concepts that SAS Audio Labs utilizes.

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