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SAS Audio 1.5 Full Range Speaker

Welcome to SAS Audio Labs. SAS Audio Labs would like to announce the SAS Audio 1.5 Speaker to our lineup. During the designing process, the 1.5's were compared to several touted speakers from $4500.00 to $30,000, and performed exceptionally well. As with the 11A line preamplifier, performance is at the top for several reasons.
  1. I am able to offer unique options, such as variable damping of the woofer, of the crossover, and the mid/tweet driver. This allows for better matching for different amplifier output impedances (different damping factors).

  2. I am able to use a different combination of drivers, and/or lower crossover frequency etc, to achieve the natural realism we wish. I am not chained to whatever speakers are available in the market place.

  3. Being a small operation, I can offer greater bang for your buck.

The SAS Audio 1.5 works on the principle of eliminating the crossover(s) from upper bass through 20khz. This has several advantages.

  1. Superior musical integrity, conherency, due to common driver over the entire midrange and highs. No more crossover and mating two drivers from approximately 700 - 4.5khz, the most sensitive part of the ear.

  2. Dual cabinets allow for optimal angle of dispersion adjustment for each driver in a given room.

  3. Individual crossovers in each cabinet allows for bi-wiring and/or bi-amping.

Below is the frequency response curve for the full range raw driver, without impedance correction, blue line.

full range speaker

With impedance correction, the impedance remains flat which is good for either tube and solid state amplifiers. The end result is a totally seemless, transparent, dynamic, natural sound, "Where music comes to life". Available in gloss black piano, cherry, or maple. Please allow two to three weeks to ship, as we build per order.

Contact me for an audition or take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything go gain. (Check out our Specials page for once in a while deals.)

SAS Audio 1.5 Specifications and Ordering Information:

Impedance Nominal:			8 ohms (nearly constant impedance)
Power Rating:				80 watts peak
Frequency Response:			40 - 20khz, bass reflex design
Efficiency:				88 db/watt (one speaker, 1 watt, 12' x 27' x 7' furnished room)

Drivers Each:				1 Seven inch Driver (with variable damping, crossover adj. for different 
amplifier output impedances, thus various damping factors.) 1 Four inch Full Range Driver (adjustable full range driver output.) Crossover: Quasi 2nd order crossover design Crossover Frequency: Approximately 130hz Dimensions: Bass Cabinet: Height 22" Width (9", 4.5") Depth 15.5" Full Range Driver Cabinet: Height 12" Width (7.5", 4.5") Depth 11" Total Dimensions: 34" total height, 10" wide, 15 1/2" deep Total Weight: Approx. 130 Lbs. (three double boxes) Introductory Price: $1995.00/pr. (Normally $2995.00) (Including Shipping Costs) Woofer Cabinet: $1050/each (plus S&H) Full Range Cabinet, 130hz xover: $500.00/pr (plus S&H) (Normally $800/pr) Warranty: 2 years parts and labor Guarantee/Warranty

To Audition or Purchase the SAS Audio 1.5 Speaker:

30 day money back guarantee. Payment can be made from a Paypal account, a credit card through Paypal (use for email address ), Post Office Draft, or Personal Check (allow time for check(s) to clear) payable to SAS Audio Labs. Normal shipping is FedEx ground unless specified differently. For second day or overnight shipping, please contact me.

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